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Realistic and Figurative Artwork on Canvas

by Quebec Canadian Painter Nic Tibo

Loup blanc couché - Parc Omega peinture figurative par l'Artiste peintre Nic Tibo

Latest creation

Nic Tibo artiste peintre figuratif réaliste - peinture animalière de lion

Nic Tibo

Painter - figurative and realistic art

Over the years, Nicole has always been drawn to arts, drawing and crafts. She has experimented several techniques: fashion design, decorative painting on ceramic pieces as well as different mediums: watercolor, acrylic and oil painting. 


Today, she creates original art works painted in oil on gallery canvas in a realistic figurative style with sometimes a touch of abstract. You will find sober colors to very colorful work of art. The subjects represented are mostly photographed by the artist. The composition is edited ad manipulated until satisfaction and the main objective is to create a painting that has a sense of depth. 

The artist's process begins with observing birds and wildlife in their environment. Also, visits to animal parks and sanctuaries enables her to take many pictures of various interesting species. Following her observations and research, the work takes shape several months in advance in her head. Afterwards, creation is made on canvas, closest to reality, while going into the  different steps related to oil painting: layer's superposition and drying time. Work is from background to foreground - from general to specific, striving to create something that is captivating and enjoyable to watch.

Each painting is an opportunity for the artist to play with colors, lights and shadows in order to reflect this magic that only painting can manage to create.

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