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Oil bird painting of a brown pelican "Elegant Pelican" by Canadian Quebec artist painter Nic Tibo

Original painting


This painting was created from a photo taken by artist Nic Tibo while traveling in the state of Florida in the United States. The Florida brown pelican has dark brown plumage with a yellow crown. In flight, it is of rare elegance and formidable efficiency, and during its steep dives to fish in the ocean, it is a spectacle you never tire of!


Oil painting on canvas by Quebec painter Nic Tibo.


Sold unframed

Creation: 2017



Oil bird painting of a brown pelican "Elegant Pelican"

  • Free delivery in Quebec. For any other destination, contact with the artist:

    The canvas  is carefully packed in a sturdy cardboard box with protective paper. 

    For the province of Quebec, delivery times are approximately 15 days. For any other destination, a notice will be sent to you.

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