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Original Oil painting of a bald eagle "Power and Nobility" by Canadian Quebec painter Nic Tibo

Original painting


Original oil painting on canvas of a bald eagle (8 year old female) from a picture taken by the artist in a falconry workshop (Ontario Falconry Center). A close-up of the head on a minimalistic background is created which emphasizes the unforgettable look of this noble animal. Eagles are among the largest birds of prey in the world. These majestic birds symbolize many things, such as freedom, courage, honesty, inspiration, victory and pride... Imposing creature!


Oil painting on canvas by Canadian Quebec artist Nic Tibo.

60" x 32"

Sold unframed

Creation: 2023


Falconry workshop:

Painting of a Bald Eagle "Power and Nobility"

  • Free delivery in Quebec. For any other destination, contact the artist:

    The canvas is carefully packed in a sturdy cardboard box with protective paper.

    For the Province of Quebec, delivery times are approximately 15 days. For any other destination, a notice will be sent to you.

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