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Ermine Painting - "Little Ermine" by Painter Artist Nic Tibo

Original painting 


This painting was created from a photo taken by Daniel Pelletier, photographer. It represents a white ermine in a snowy landscape in Quebec. It was taken in Amos in the Aiguebelle National Park, parc located in the tourist region of Abitibi-Témiscamingue. The ermine is a small animal with an elegant, slender and agile silhouette. In summer, its coat is reddish brown and then in winter, its hair tends to turn white, especially in very cold regions, but the tip of its tail always remains very black.


Oil painting on canvas by Quebec painter Nic Tibo.


Sold unframed

Creation: 2018



Ermine painting "Little Ermine"

  • Free delivery in Quebec. For any other destination, contact with the artist:

    The canvas  is carefully packed in a sturdy cardboard box with protective paper. 

    For the province of Quebec, delivery times are approximately 15 days. For any other destination, a notice will be sent to you.

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